Jan 08 2009


The absolute, number ONE question I get regarding this pregnancy is “So, will you find out what it is?” A part of me always wants to say something snippy like “Well, I’m pretty sure that we can guarantee it will be human, though you never know what those alien experiments might have done to me.” But I never do. “Yes, will we try to find out if it cooperates.” (Because you know that you can’t always tell if baby’s feeling shy that day.)

Following that, I nearly always get that person’s determined opinion about the baby’s gender. “You’re having a girl.” TO A PERSON, they all seem to believe that this is a female I’m carrying. Cole was the only dissenter, and he refused to believe that a girl baby was even a possibility.

That is until last night. Last night, randomly, as I was buckling him into his carseat, Cole announced that I will be having a girl baby. Not just any girl baby, though- a BEAUTIFUL girl baby.

Of course he also declared that he was cooking a boy baby in his belly, so his opinion may not be the most reliable or informed.

But I’m interested in prediction reliability, so I wonder- did you think you knew the gender before the ultrasound or birth when you or your loved ones were pregnant? Were you right? Or are you one of those perfect predictors? I met someone yesterday who claimed to be, but he said he’d have to see me when I was bigger to tell. Actually, what he said was that he’d have to check out my backside when I was really big. He’s a coworker, so I refrained from making any comment, but it was really difficult to hold my tongue.