Feb 09 2009


So the cherry on top of last week’s misery cake was that John was out of town ALL WEEK. He was busy most of Saturday, left at 11 am on Sunday, and did not return until 2:30 the following Saturday. So all week, in my illness-induced haze, I had to take care of myself, Cole, the dog, and the house by myself. It fucking SUCKED.

But he’s back now, and I can’t tell you how relieved I am. Though, we still haven’t been able to sleep in the same bed together because, when I’m not coughing, I apparently make little “noises” that are terrifically irritating. I have no idea I’m doing them, even though I’m always about 30% awake at the time. Whatever- my pillows and I were not looking forward to sharing anyway, so THERE. (pout)

I go for my Midwife appointment tomorrow and I’ll, I hope anyway, get to find out if/when I’ll get another ultrasound and possibly be able to identify the sex. I did have a dream on Saturday night where I had just given birth and then John was handing a month-old, clean, and fully-dressed baby to me wrapped in a blanket. He said “He is SO beautiful” to which I responded “So, it’s a boy then?” I guess I think it’s a boy. We’ll see sooner or later- if not in 2-3 weeks, we’ll know for sure in about 23 weeks!

*The almost-constant request from Cole lately.

Feb 04 2009


Last week, when I was at the Convention in Sacramento, my sister came to visit and stayed a night in the hotel with me. We had a really nice time visiting, and actually got to talk, for once, because we had each left our significant others and children at home.

The next day, I took a break from my booth-sitting duties and we walked out to find some lunch. I think my sister saw it first, but we whipped out our cellphone cameras at the same time. I couldn’t get a clear enough picture because I was laughing so hard.

My sister dubbed it “Thee Cock-and-Balls Cafe.”

We ended up eating there anyway, which is how I got the menu.

Feb 03 2009

Care For a Snuggle?

You know that kind of sick where you think “Well at least it can’t get much worse,” only to be almost immediately proven wrong? Yeah. I am hailing from those lands today. I am also out of sick time (thanks, daycare!! SMOOCHES!), so I have to be at work. I wish to extend my sincere apologies to all of my coworkers, and assure you all that I am most likely not contagious (any more) and certain to NOT use you as my personal, traveling tissues.

The fever is gone, though, and only required very small amounts of tylenol to keep under control. I am not feeling bad about turning to drugs in this situation AT ALL. But the cough- the dreaded, miserable fucking cough- will not leave, and is actually getting worse by the hour. What a sexy man-voice it leaves me with, too. When it leaves me a voice.

And to top it off, just when I thought I could sleep last night (with my newly acquired giant pillows for belly support- ahhhhh…), the HEARTBURN started. The heartburn that made me wonder if I would feel better if I actually threw up.

There’s a cherry on top of this misery cake, but I can’t tell you just yet. Next week. Don’t worry, though- I’m probably just being over-dramatic for the potential sympathy it may garner.

Cole told me the other day that he was not strong yet. I said “Yes, you’re strong!” like the supportive mother I am (and really, for a 3 year old, he is very strong. It’s all relative). After a few more rounds of this, he finally said “Yes. I am are strong.” (Can I just say that I LOVE those language flubs? They are the awesomest!) I said “Yeah! You’re strong, and you’re smart, and you’re nice, too!” He thought for a minute- long enough that I thought the conversation was over- and then said “And CUDDLY!” Indeed.

He has been very generous with his words and displays of affection toward me lately. He frequently will turn from what he’s doing and say “I love you, mom” and then go about his business. It’s not a manipulation (yet), it’s just adorable love. He also has a precious habit of turning to me, stroking my cheek with his little, cupped hand, and saying “You’re so beautiful.” And then the look he gives me is as if I am just too adorable for words and he may have to eat me up at any second, which is quite possibly just a reflection of the look I give him.