Mar 11 2009


The brief, off-the-top-of-my-head version:

Jon Stewart
Something about his geeky self-satisfaction… I don’t know. Probably too smug for his own good, but I can’t help myself.

And, OH MY GOLLY, the pictures of him with his kid? HOT. (It’s the “good dad” factor.)

Steve Burns
But only post-Blue’s Clues (TOO SKINNY!) when he started a band and got a little grungy. Especially when dressed as a groundhog.

Hee! Cute.

J. August Richards
Gunn… Oh swoon…

Johnny Depp
Well DUH. May not be original, but sometimes good things really are that popular.

Morena Baccarin as Inara Serra


( I find that I frequently fall for characters rather than the actors portraying them and feel very disappointed whenever I see them in anything else.)

Does that give you an idea?

Mar 11 2009

Economic Impact

Times are tough just now. My company is having to make some difficult decisions. One decision that has been made is that my time has been cut to 32 hours per week.

It was hard to hear, at first but, after the initial shock, it actually didn’t feel that bad. For one thing, I still HAVE a job, which some people cannot claim. For another, I think that 4 days a week will help me be more efficient, knowing that I have to get everything done in that time. For yet another, just after I was told that my time was cut, I got an unsolicited (but TOTALLY legitimate) job offer to do design work for 6-8+ hours per week from home.

And the company I work for, despite certain faults, is pretty awesome to their employees. A lot of us don’t get paid to the industry standard, but they are very understanding of schedules and family priorities. For instance, I have been assured that they are going to do everything they can to help me work from home, something I’d like to start even before Roo is born. That means that I won’t have to face double daycare bills for a long time, if ever! If I can make it work right for me and the company, I may be able to skip placing Roo in daycare until after Cole goes to Kindergarten. AND I may be able to have Cole home with me in the afternoons after school instead of paying for care. It’s still yet to be made totally official or tested, but this may turn out to be the best thing they could have done for me.

Am I still nervous? Yes. Of course. Anyone who is not nervous right now is either independently wealthy or delusional. But I also have a lot of hope that, no matter what happens in the next few years, my family will get through it.