Mar 27 2009

Dreams of Vacation

We’ve been given the opportunity to have a long-weekend vacation while my father takes care of Cole, and now it’s all I can think about. I don’t know when we’ll go, and I don’t yet know where, but I can’t wait.

It feels a little harsh to be so excited about a chance to be away from my son, but it’s really more about the chance to be alone with my husband for more than a half-hour at a time. I think a couple of uninterrupted days with lunches and dinners at places that don’t have kiddie menus or booster seats will be really good for us. Before too long, we won’t have this kind of chance again for another few years, so I’m incredibly excited to take it.

I know Cole will have fun, too. He LOVES his Pop. Last weekend, he had an unplanned sleep-over after my father’s birthday party and he didn’t want to leave again when I went the next day to pick him up. He’ll be having a sleep-over tomorrow night, too, as I work my feet off for the local Waldorf school annual auction until midnight. I told him about this weekend’s sleep-over opportunity, and he was pissed when he realized that I didn’t mean we were going over to Pop’s house THIS MORNING. Like, NOW, mama. I’m trying not to take offense.

But really, I’m thrilled that he has the kind of relationship with his grandfather that I always yearned for from mine (who died when I was 4). And it’s even better that it affords me the opportunity to take some quiet time with my husband for the first time in 3.5 years.

So I’m thinking about Bodega Bay. Crab sandwiches. Clam chowder. Pan-seared scallops. Baby beet salad. Braised beef shortribs. Carrot cake. Chocolate-hazelnut pots du creme. Homemade potato gnocchi. Beautiful beaches. Quiet B&B.; Lots of reading. And SLEEP.

I know my husband is thinking that there is something terribly absent from that list, but I don’t need to be so blatant. I know I’m thinking that I may be just a little too focused on food.