May 04 2009

A Smattering…

…of information, Too Much and other:

  • Cole’s Doctor appointment on Friday was pretty much a success. His ability to hear was confirmed, and it seems that part of the problem was his Doctor’s apparent inability to properly run a tympanogram on him, and not actually so much a problem with his ears. His Doctor was professional enough to realize that maybe we needed a second opinion, though, and the other doctor in the practice got a good reading. Still, his hearing is not perfect, so we will be giving him steroid nasal spray for a month to help drain any remaining fluid and then going back for a re-check. The highlight of the visit was when the doctors both agreed that he is in no way a candidate for ear tubes, which was a huge concern from the previous visit. That means that swimming lessons this summer are a GO.
  • I never thought I would appreciate pooping so much. Pooping is WONDERFUL.
  • I have potential victory in sight today, after waking up this morning to leaking colostrum. Do you realize what that means? It mean my boobs are actually operating on a normal schedule, which means that breastfeeding, something I failed for many reasons to be able to do for long with Cole, could be a real possibility this time. I was already feeling a lot more confident about my chances, due to being in such a different situation, but this just gave me a much-desired boost. I’m sure that many women take it for granted or are even annoyed by it, but when I looked down this morning, it was like I had discovered that my chest produces platinum.
  • I have decided that my post-birth celebratory drink shall be a Duvel beer. Light Belgian beer on a hot day+fairly low alcohol content+milk-producing side effects=perfect choice, no?