May 05 2009


I never thought I’d be this person.

When I was living up in Humboldt County, I was forever annoyed by the earth-mamas and their hypocrisy and holier-than-thou attitudes.

But now I could be mistaken for one of them.

These days I buy organic and free-range and non-growth-hormone food preferentially. I eat granola. I shop in herb stores. I go to a midwife. I will have a home-birth. I knit and crochet. I asked for (and received) an Ergo baby carrier. I shop at the farmer’s market. I am considering the Waldorf school for my children. I have seriously contemplated cloth diapers. I bought organic poop for my tomatoes. I just dropped real cash-money for cloth postpartum pads after investigating making my own.

Where did I come from?

I know that having children can change a person, but I had no idea how much. Just watch- next year I’ll be milking my own goats, making my own cheese, and planning our move into a yurt up in the hills where I will home-school our children and breastfeed Roo until she’s 10.

(I’m joking, of course. I mean, I DO do all those things that I listed, but I don’t think it’s a bad thing. I think this was spurred by my decision to buy cloth pads today, which is a new thing for me and therefore strange [though not bad!]. But I have a really, really good reason for doing it! And believe me- if you knew that reason? You’d think it was really good, too.)