Jun 11 2009

Artistic/Intellectual Property

This morning I came across a post by one of my favorite odd bloggers. In it, she posted pictures of herself that immediately resonated with me. I suddenly knew that I wanted to do pictures like this of myself while I am still pregnant.

But then I started thinking about, firstly, artistic etiquette and, secondly, artistic and intellectual property rights.

The situation is like this: I see an artistic project that I like and that inspires me to want to do something similar, though not identical. I ask a friend to help with a particular, important, and highly visible aspect of the project, and ask another friend to take the photos.

My questions are these: Do I first ask for permission from the original artist(s) to do this project? And then, once the project is done, who does it belong to? Is it the original artist(s)? Is it me, who thought of the new spin and posed for the photos? Is it the friend with the important contribution? Is it the photographer?

Think of it like this- if any of the individuals involved in the project wanted to enter the photos into a show, could each of us enter the same photo separately, siting our particular contribution as the most important aspect? To whom does ultimate credit go? To an individual? To the group?

Is it artistic plagiarism in the first place?

Also- anyone want to help me with a project?