Jul 19 2009

0 Days

Today was officially my due date, and, while I felt very strange all day and had a lot of contractions there for a while, I think I’ll go on record now as saying “NOT TODAY.” I think my extended family is taking it harder than I am. They’re all still assuming that I will call them tonight to come get Cole. I’m doubting it seriously.

My guess is that it will be tomorrow or the next day, but that could be wrong, too. All I know is that I’m close. I do think it’s safe to say that Roo’s birthday will have a 2 in front: 7/2_/09.

Anyway, I’m really fine with not being there yet. The biggest relief when I actually DO go into labor will be to have my family stop whispering behind my back about how I’ve dropped and how they’ll be seeing Cole soon. I love that they’re excited, and I love all the support, but DAMN IT! If Roo doesn’t come soon I may have to hog-tie them, gag them, and throw them in the basement.

They did watch Cole this afternoon so that John and I could go see Harry Potter, though, so they’re not all bad. I enjoyed the movie less than I normally would have because I just felt so strange and really only wanted to be at home on my exercise ball, but it was still nice to get out and have a last date with John.

So yeah… due date come and gone, as I honestly expected. Rather un-momentous.