Jul 24 2009

+2 Days

So yes- most of you now know that on the 22nd I had my baby girl. Rowan Kysa is now already 2 days old.

And, oh my goodness, she is as gorgeous as I’d ever have let myself believe she might be. But her birth was one of the most torturous experiences of my life, and I feel luckier than I probably deserve that I had three of the most amazing people in the world there to help me through it. John, my midwife Ellie, and my midwife’s assistant Clea were unbreakable pillars for me, and without them I was pretty sure that I would have gone literally insane. To say that this birth was different than Cole’s is an hilarious understatement.

But we made it, and we managed at home and without meds despite the mind-bending pain and the complications that would have sent others not fortunate enough to have Ellie to the terrors of the hospital. And you know what? I already barely remember it. I hardly remembered it by the time I got to reach down and pull my daughter out from between my knees and up to my belly. Damn, birth hormones are amazing.

And so is she, my Rowan, both just for herself and for the new perspective her arrival has given me with Cole. He is so BIG. It’s astounding! He is also every bit the fantastic big brother that we knew he would be.

There may be more details later, if I feel like recording it for myself, but those are the broad strokes.

Rowan Kysa
8 lbs, 10 oz (with the head of a 10 pounder, Ellie says!)
20 1/8 in tall

Oh, and breastfeeding, so far, is going perfectly.

Thanks for all of your support, enthusiasm, and best wishes. It means so much.