Sep 17 2009

9 Weeks

Right! Blogging! I have a blog!


So I guess this extended absence makes me a… oh what’s the word… yes- hypocrite. I would be pissed if the blogs I read took this much time off. Like “where’s my free entertainment, bitch? Where are the goddamn baby pictures?!”

But I am quite seriously a creature of habit, and it became my habit NOT to write and so I didn’t. And then didn’t some more.

And I am now back at work (though still at home with Rowan) and writing has an added element of guilt attached to it.

But I have to break out of my non-writing habit. I feel better when I write.

We are doing quite well these days. Rowan is 9 weeks old and over 14.5 pounds of chunky baby deliciousness. Her cheeks are so big that, when laid on her side when she’s hungry, she attempts to nurse on them. It’s a sight rather akin to watching someone trying to lick their own ear. She is also holding her head up pretty well now, except when she doesn’t and ends up slamming her little nose (which is totally going to look like John’s, by the way) into my collarbone, which HURTS, dontcha know.

Cole is starting to fit in nicely at his new pre-school and already has a best friend. He has the most awesome active imagination and frequently makes up songs and stories. His story the other day started “Once, long, long ago, in the future…” Awesome. He also declared, in the fine tradition of 3-year olds and engineers everywhere, that he is the RIGHTEST. Indeed.

(It literally took me a friggin WEEK to write this. When I started, the title was 8 Weeks.)