Mar 30 2010

In Other Words: Life

The dog vomited illicit leftovers all over the laundry room floor and then ate them again. Rowan has entered the “Rabid Woodchuck/Vacuum Cleaner” phase of development, which will soon be followed by “Vampire Bat/Bulldozer.” Cole is at an especially whiny, particular, and demanding stage, also known as “4 years old.” John got annoyed with me that I hadn’t done laundry while the floor was covered in dog vomit (“I didn’t realize that would stop you.”), so he cleaned the house in a huff last night while I put Cole to bed (mental note: Annoy John more often. House looks great!). After some discussion, we came to the conclusion that what’s really bothering him is that we never get a break. Resolutions were made to aim for more (ANY) just us time. We need a vacation. I am absurdly busy without actually being officially “busy,” and also without feeling like I’m getting a whole lot accomplished. Except I did just find this hard, little, white thing in my left nipple (hardened milk, I guess), which goes a long way toward explaining why nursing on that side has been feeling so pinchy lately. Accomplishment of the day: Got Rid Of Milk Clump! Hooray!

Also, in swimming news: Butterfly=really hard.