Sep 25 2008

Aaand 8… 7… 6… Feel the burn!… 4…

I just added buttload of bellydance and yoga exercise dvds to our Netflix queue. It’s not that I feel like I’m particularly fat right now (actually, I generally feel pretty good), but I feel like I need to be more active for my general health, including mental.

Ever since the bellydance classes here in town went kablooie, I haven’t really found a replacement. I go home, make dinner (when I don’t feel completely drained and unmotivated), and read or play quiet games with Cole until his bedtime. Then I read some more or watch a movie before bed. On weekends we get out a bit more, but it’s just around the house work- nothing that gets my heart pumping significantly.

And I’m not unhappy about all of this. I’m still looking fine- I haven’t been eating a lot, though still plenty enough to be healthy. I love reading, and I love playing games with Cole, but I still feel like I should be doing something more active.

Because when I’m active, I feel more motivated in all aspects of my life. I think more clearly and do better at work. It feels really good.

And I don’t own a bike, don’t own a kayak or live near enough to a lake/bay, and have always felt dumb driving somewhere to walk (our neighborhood is small and bordered by a road that has no sidewalk or shoulder). We don’t quite have the funds to have a gym membership, and there’s no gym on this side of town anyway. The yoga classes are pretty much all designed for people who don’t work 8-5 every weekday.

When we got our new tv, we moved our old tv into our bedroom, which is fine because we don’t get any channels and so won’t be tempted to stay up late watching it or anything. We do all of our tv (movie) viewing in the living room. But I got a little $20 dvd player to hook up to it anyway, just in case.

So as soon as I have those dvds, every other night or so you’ll be able to find me, locked in my room, trying to jiggle back my motivation. Wish me luck.

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