Jul 31 2008

So… BlogHer

It’s only 2 weeks later. Whatever.

Originally, I was going to post a whole blow-by-blow of my BlogHer experience, until I got over myself (HA!) and realized that you don’t give a shit. And that’s okay. Really healthy even. Go You!

BlogHer in overview is hard, though. I have to, like, think! And summarize! My brain hurts.

Bullet Points to Save the Day!

Why BlogHer was awesome:

  • Talented, amazing women
  • Really quite well organized, I thought
  • Some cool swag (like my free, $130 Bluetooth Headset from Joby)
  • Seeing that the “A-List” bloggers are really people, and just as insecure as the rest of us

Why BlogHer Sucked:

  • I felt like I was in high school again, with no friends (despite my awesome roommate) and nobody to sit with at lunch

Seriously- If I hadn’t had my roommate, I probably would have curled up on my bed and watched endless hours of Bravo for the whole weekend. And cried. A lot.

It turns out that a lot of people felt the same way that I did. Somehow, though, that doesn’t really make it any better.

As the conference wore on, I began to introduce myself like so: “Hi. I’m Danielle, and I write at heels. You don’t know me.” It was probably a stupid way to go, but I got so tired of the blank stares and fake recognition. They didn’t know me. I am nearly invisible in the community I’m trying to call my own. It made me sad.

The parties were fun, but they were so loud that I had trouble taking to anyone. I tend to zone out in chaotic, high-volume situations because I just can’t hear that well. I stared at my drink a lot, which I’m sure made me look like TONS of fun.

I ended up leaving the Macy’s party really early to have dinner with my sister. It didn’t really bother me at the time (though now I wonder what went on after I left) because I was feeling rather ill due to the rampant Macy’s marketing. I felt so… used.

To wrap up: Overall, I enjoyed myself. I’m REALLY glad I didn’t pay to go. Next year, if it’s in driving distance, I will purchase the cocktail party tickets and spend my days hanging out with those awesome ladies instead of trying to fit in all of the panels. Maybe I’ll get to actually go shopping with Susan, something I apparently missed this time.

I also didn’t get to dance OR to sing any karaoke. Those right there could have been the whole reason for my unhappiness.

See- I knew there would be SOME details that somebody would be interested in! The Muppets! Yes- I got to meet Grover and the Muppeteer who operates him (and one other, but she’s a new character). I mostly just watched him from across the room. I had expected something more complicated, but really- the Muppeteers are just really fucking talented. It was pretty awesome to see, actually.


  • By ticknart, August 1, 2008 @ 3:43 pm

    What about the Muppeteers?

  • By Amalah, August 4, 2008 @ 10:21 am

    I’m sorry Blogher made you sad. Bad Blogher! You did not seem unfun when I met you, at all.

    I think it’s a socially overwhelming experience for everyone, whether you get the blank stares and the “and you are? and why are you talking to me?” vibe from someone…or when you feel like everyone does know you and is trying to size you up based on two-minute elevator ride.

    Good call on leaving the Macy’s party, which was weird and strange and weird. And the bathrooms were never on the same floor as the party and that was just Mean.

  • By PlainJane, August 18, 2008 @ 8:40 am

    I would have been the exact same way. I live 40 minutes from SF and I didn’t go because I was chicken. Good for you for going! Maybe I’ll try it out next time… If I get up the courage.

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