Jun 12 2008

Closets, Poop, Balls, Ass, Chicks, and Bad Incest Jokes*

I had NO IDEA that my insignificant, ugly closet would be such a source of fascination for y’all. Honestly, I’m thrilled that it’s organized now and all, but it’s still not THAT great. I mean, really- it’s not even a walk-in.

But here you go:


Now I feel dumb, because you’re all like “she was excited about THAT P.O.S.?!”

So here’s something I’m always excited about: my darling son having a great time.

I’m sorry, sweetie-boo, but I gave you a swirly to PROTECT you!

Those are his cousins, not just some random chicks he picked up at the bowling alley bar.

(Keepin’ it in the family, yo.)

And yes- this was at the bowling alley.

Here’s where he was contemplating how fascinating balls can be.

(Check out the rawkin’ mural in the backgound. Tuo Co Represent! Dead tree stumps! WOOT!)

And here’s the exciting part- when the alley attendant showed me a little ass:

Work it, you be-mulleted, hot-thang you!

Ahem… Where were we?

Ahhh yes… And here is when Cole went off to pout in the corner because he was not allowed to fondle the big balls. Also, he was pooping. Whee!

And I’m not really sure how to wrap this one up…

Have a good night!

(*Could that be my ENTIRE BLOG wrapped up in one sentence? Do you think it should go on my business card?)


  • By Jami, June 16, 2008 @ 9:20 am

    I can see maybe 25 pairs of shoes in there. What did you do with the rest of them? Are they under the bed?

    And I see Cole likes older women.

  • By heels, June 16, 2008 @ 9:33 am

    Oh no- they’re all in there! It’s all deceptive-like.

    Well, they’re awfully likable, those particular older women. He’s all about personality!

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