May 29 2008

Parrots Probably Poop Less

This morning I realized that Cole has me down pat. The kid is a natural mimic, anyway, and it’s no shock that he knows what I sound like, seeing as he hears me more everyday than anyone but his daycare lady.

This morning he said “I said No” with the inflection and emphasis exactly where I put it. It was like listening to myself, only with a higher voice. I was stunned and I didn’t respond. Perhaps I should have replied as he does these days: “I said Yes.” Or maybe that’s not really the example I want to set. Yeah- probably not.

The other day I was trying to do something very frustrating around him and realized that I was muttering “fuck” every couple of minutes sort of under my breath. I haven’t heard that one back yet, but I’m still waiting.

I’m really ready to be finished with this week. As Cole would say, “I can’t like it.” I think that sums it up quite accurately.

Though, one good thing I have just realized- I have a way to get my work to pay for my trip to BlogHer. We recently introduced a spot-bonus program, and already I have my card (worth $100) filled out. I’m halfway there, baby, and with a month and a half (or so) to go! Of course I’m tempted to use it to buy shoes, but I’ll be good. I really really want to go to BlogHer, and with my conference fees paid for and a (really awesome) roommate pretty much set up, I don’t want to jeopardize it for shoes. I know- I’ve grown so these past few years.

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