Apr 30 2008


We’re back.


If you’ve followed my twitterings, you already know that my blog done got broked by being moved to a new host. HOWEVER! It is now back and shinier than ever thanks to my brothafromanothamutha, Elex. Word.

It was good timing and bad. I was gone so he didn’t have to listen to me bitch (my husband had that pleasure), but it was broken still when I got back so I had no place to say “Hi! I’m back!” and have nobody care.

I have been busily PhotoShopping my travel photos so that they look on screen like they did in my head when I took them (goddamn non-mind-reading camera). Except I was gone for a week and a half and work kinda didn’t stop while I was away, so I still have catching up to do. So this is all you get for today.

Well, except I can’t NOT show you an example of the big, beautiful c0ck action that was happening there.

He may have been hot, too. I didn’t ask.

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