Mar 31 2008


I worked SO HARD in the yard this weekend. I am SO SORE today. Who knew that raking and planting would hurt the backs of my legs so much. Oh right… I should have remembered from the last time…

Oh well. Exercise hurt, as much as I never like hurting, is at least tolerable because I feel like maybe it burned off a few of the cookies. Or the chips and sour cream. Or the roasted garlic and cream cheese mashed potatoes (aka fluffy, whipped HEAVEN).

I got the back yard re-seeded for the chance of a real-ish lawn this year. I also planted a bunch of shade plants and cleaned up the planting beds (weeded and put down more cocoa mulch). John and my father cut down the crappy, ugly, straggly trees in the backyard and got one step closer to finishing the fence. Very productive!

Cole ate cat vomit. Less productive. Unless you mean for producing mass panic.

This morning I came to work to find that I am going to get to go to BlogHer this year for free! All I have to do is work one half day at the registration booth. Fine with me! That means I get to meet everybody! This information made my day possible.

But I am now fried and it’s time to go home.

More tomorrow, if I get a chance.

How was your weekend? Cat-vomit-free, I hope?


  • By The Princess, March 31, 2008 @ 5:43 pm

    Oh how I wish I could do yard work but unfortantely the Frozen Tundra missed the memo that Spring has begun so instead we got 4″ of snow on Friday…good times!

  • By Jami, April 1, 2008 @ 8:24 am

    Does a hairball count as vomit? Although mine are too old now to want to eat it, they’re not old enough yet to pick the damned thing up! What do they think that big spoon in the kitchen is for?

    Yeah, yard work – welcome to my world. We’ve been at it for a month now. I think it’s time for a break. I feel a knee injury coming on.

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