Mar 17 2008


I was roaming WalMart yesterday (I’m not proud of it, but- yo- I live in a town with no Target. Weep for me.), trying to go fast and getthefuckouttathere , when I happened upon this scene:

The setting: “Sports” Department, Ammo Case
The Characters: Young Man 1 and Young Man 2. Both characters have heavy southern accents which are either fake or the fellas are recent transplants from far far away (this being the central foothills of California).

Young Man 1: …Fourty-Fahve, Fourty-Siyux, Fourty-Sevuhn, Fourty-Ayuht, Fourty-Nahn. I hayve fourty-nahn dollurs.

Young Man 2: Wahl I hayve siyux.

Young Man 1: Thayut’s Fifty-Fahve.

Young Man 2: Dang! Yore uh Geyneus.

Young Man 1: C’mon- leyt’s puht that togaythur ‘n leyt’s go.

(End Scene)

Does this quite capture how hilarious this was? I doubt it. Damn, but you just had to be there, I guess. However, ever since then, I have been using their accent in my head. It’s like they triggered some deeply buried southern hick in me that had been in remission since I left Tennessee at the age of 3.

It still didn’t make me like WalMart any more, though.

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