Jan 28 2008

Quick Updates

Jury duty this morning was annoying but short. We were held for an hour before being told that both cases had been plea-bargained. Still, it’s nice to have that over with for another year.

We had snow again last night and into this morning. I get great amusement out of how freaked out people around here get with an inch of snow. Oh Gawd- we can’t drive our 4-wheel-drive SUVs anymore! We have to flip out and spin across the road! Oh No- we have to close all of the schools! Oh Jeebus- I won’t be able to walk across the parking lot to my car! Save us, Jeebus! Save us!

My shingles have, so far, been pretty effectively controlled by the medicine. There’s still a little pain, but it’s SO minor compared to what it would have been if I hadn’t gotten the prescription I wanted. We’re still on chicken-pox watch for Cole, though.

They have replaced the chocolate in the snack drawer (and, actually, all of the snacks, though the chocolate is all I cared about) with carrot sticks. They think it’s hilarious. I think it’s disgusting (on so many levels.) I am considering quitting. (Not really, but I think I would be entirely justified in doing so. Do you think I can file a complaint with Human Resources?)


  • By annenahm, January 28, 2008 @ 3:31 pm

    I hear shingles are pretty much the worst. Hope they are better soon.

    And I love that you have a snack drawer. It’s like a little island refuge of happiness that has been taken over by the heathen carrot sticks.

  • By nrp, January 28, 2008 @ 3:47 pm

    Hey! It snowed here too! So! Exciting!

    But, yeah, I (inwardly) scoffed at the folks who were worried that they wouldn’t be able to make it to McKinleyville from Arcata when the snow wasn’t even sticking on the ground… Come on! Better believe we enjoyed the heck out of the 2 inches that accumulated at the house.

    Glad to hear the shingles aren’t causing you too much trouble. Carrots in the snack drawer? Bah humbug!

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