Jan 24 2008

Random is my best friend.

We have snow today! It snowed about 2 inches or so overnight, and we woke up to this lovely, glistening winter wonderland.

Perhaps the snow is not so fascinating to many of you out there- it wasn’t so great for me, either when I lived in Pennsylvania. But it only snows this far down the hill maybe a couple of times each winter, and it doesn’t stay for long, so it’s still a novelty for me. Especially when I get to wake Cole up, take him out to the big front windows, and get to hear “NO!!! It’s NOwing!!” (Here ‘No’ means ‘snow,’ in case that was confusing. I mean, he does say ‘NO’ and mean ‘NO’ a lot, too, these days.)

Last night we were all playing together in the living room, pushing a soccer ball back and forth. Cole likes to dictate who gets the ball next, but he’s very fair, so we allow it. He must have gotten bored after a while, because he pushed us both down so that we were lying on our knees (child’s position for you yoga-types) and said “Night night. Go to sleep.” I couldn’t stop laughing and he was jumping up and down next to me making shushing noises. I didn’t know how to explain to him that it was only making me laugh harder. Finally, giving me up as a lost cause, he walked out of the room saying “Night night. Sweet Dreams.” I’m thinking there’s a good chance that this is not really that funny in the re-telling, but take my word for it: I was laughing so hard that I cried. As I told John, I may have laughed as hard at times before I had Cole, but it wasn’t nearly as frequently. Damn, I love having a kid.

Of course then he was a major pill this morning and even pulled the whole “As a protest for being forced to do things like GET DRESSED and HAVE MY DIAPER CHANGED,I have removed all of the bones from my body and am now a floppy eel who is more difficult to carry than ever” routine. My little punk. I call that move either “The Hippy” or “The Gandhi,” depending on my mood. Y’know- passive resistance and all.

(I still love having a kid. I still love having a kid. I still love having a kid.)

I’ve actually been pressing the having a second kid thing pretty hard lately. I think I’m getting closer! Closer to having John divorce me and being able to go out and get knocked up by some anonymous sperm donor. Which, now that I pause and think about it, is maybe not the path I want to take at this point. No, not so much. I guess I enjoy the stable, 2-parent household thing too much. That and being married to John. I still like that. I know- I’m weak. I should be willing to do anything if my convictions are strong enough, right? I think I’ll live with being weak on this one.

You really have to know how to pick your battles.

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