Nov 26 2007


I have a ripping bad headache today. I really just need to go home. Or stop looking at the monitor, neither of which is exactly an option at the moment.

We had a good Thanksgiving break. My nephew was once again quite the handful, but his progress through the week made me hopeful that, should he ever spend more than a few days with Cole, they may one day get along. I think he just gets so hyped up on the attention and the fun stuff to do that he stops making the best choices. I know he can do better. I’ve seen it. There were moments of purely adorable “cousin moments” that I wish I could keep in my head forever.

It was great to see my grandma. She was dropping the heavy “hints” that we should come down to see them soon and often. I’m not sure when that’ll happen, though, considering that she lives in Arizona and I’m saving up my vacation time for our Hawaii trip.

Did I tell you we’re going to Hawaii? Kauai, to be exact. In April. I’m just the tiniest bit excited.

Ah, who am I kidding… I’m pee-my-pants excited! I love Kauai!! We’re all going to stay in a house together that’s just steps away from a beach. I’m counting the days already. And my sister’s boyfriend will be joining us, too, which should be interesting. I think he’s a nice and fun guy so far, but seven days in a beach house may give me a better picture. Or make me kill him. Time will tell.

We have some family photos from Thanksgiving that I haven’t seen yet and so am not sure if I’m willing to publish. I also have a spanking new injury that keeps breaking back open. It’s nothing big- just a jab-wound from the razor-sharp top of a beer bottle whose lip snapped off when I took the lid off. It feels like such a white-trash injury: “I hurt myself on beer!” Does it make it any better that it was a Newcastle?

I have to go do something other than look at this screen now.

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