Nov 19 2007

Little Latin Loopy Loo

My back has been threatening me with total annihilation for the past week and a half. This morning it finally slammed the pain button all the way down. I made it through the morning unassisted, but this afternoon I have called upon the powers of prescription medication and have dipped into my stock of 90 89 88 Vicodin. I’m looped, and in a much less fun way than I hoped. I’m dizzy, stupid, and vaguely nauseous. I’m listening to Pandora Radio (Cherry Poppin’ Daddies’ Brown Derby Jump, at the moment. Did I ever tell you how I saw them live? And the dance floor was, I think literally, the size of a fucking postage stamp and we were attempting to swing dance but kept body slamming everyone and it’s probably the closest I’ve ever come to bing in a mosh pit and it was really less than fun which makes me wonder why in fuck anyone ever WILLINGLY joined a mosh pit unless they were trying to find an “acceptable” way to punch the shit out of the people around them, which now occurs to me may have been the whole goddamn point and I have just never been violent enough to get it. But there was seriously not enough alcohol in the establishment to help me enjoy that particular dancing experience, especially considering that I was underage and straight-edge at the time, anyway. But the Cherry Poppin’ Daddies, despite their awful name, were good.) and trying to not keel right the fuck over under my desk. I could easily sleep the rest of the afternoon away if it wasn’t for the whole being at work part of this bullshit equation. Oh right- and my chiropractor is out of the office all this week, of course, it being the week of Thanksgiving. All I need now is to get a UTI and my holiday will be complete.

Ooh- Stray Cats on now. I might get to see Lee Rocker in a couple of weeks. Maybe I can make up for all the times I’ve either not been able to dance or been too goddamn chicken. Whattya say? You all want to come out with me? What if I bring my Vicodin? For me- not for you. You are awesome already. You have no need for my drugs.

Hee- now the song is “Wanna Make Love (Come Flick my Bic)” by Sun off of their album Funkgasm. Dude- Pandora is so sweet.

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