Nov 13 2007

Come on in! OCD is free at the door!

Things I am obsessing about today:

  1. Knitting
  2. Shingles

At least, that’s all that I feel comfortable taking about.

I started obsessing about knitting (again) when I realized that Cole’s christmas hats don’t fit him anymore. I used to knit a lot, especially in elementary school, so I know enough to kind of start stuff but I’m not exactly “skilled.” I found a knitting pattern online (plus the decoder- have you ever SEEN a knitting pattern? They’re so confusing at first!), but I didn’t pay enough attention (duh) and the piece I started last night I finally ripped out again because it was too small. I mean WAY too small. It might have fit around my ankle. I think I might hit the local knitting store for some tips tonight.

Shingles. WELL. I have had shingles twice before. Once they went through the full progression and once I caught it early and took the medication to make them a lot more mild. It still hurt that second time, but it wasn’t NEARLY as bad. The first time was one of the most painful experiences of my life. Drug-free childbirth didn’t even come CLOSE. So, when I felt a little bump on the back of my ribs this morning, and then noticed the area getting sore and red, I started to freak just a bit. I’m still worried. It hasn’t progressed enough for me to be sure that it is shingles, but I’m really not sure that it’s not. You have to catch shingles in the first three days to be able to take the medication that restricts it, so I don’t have much time. I think I’m justifiably freaked out. The other complication, if it is shingles, is that I’ll be contagious to anyone who hasn’t had chickenpox (I’d give them chickenpox, not shingles). Meaning that I’d be contagious to COLE, the boy who hasn’t had (and will NOT have) the chickenpox vaccine.

Early Thanksgiving break, anyone?

But I DON’T want that. I’m not of the opinion that he should get chickenpox, I just believe that the vaccine is stupid and harmful.

It’s a waiting game. I’m impatient. Bad combination.

At least if we get sick I’ll have lots of time to knit.


  • By nrp, November 13, 2007 @ 8:58 pm

    Oh, for the love of all that is holy, Blogger is being a pain and now I have to re-type my long comment.

    About a hat for Cole: I need your guys’ mailing address. Not that I want to discourage you from taking up knitting, but I’ve got a belated birthday/early Christmas gift for the sweet fellow.

    About shingles: fingers crossed that it’s just some random, not-at-all contagious spider bite. My understanding (from the scads of often conflicting, of course, information Dr Google gave me some months ago when both kids had chickenpox–one child having been exposed to shingles some 5 weeks before breaking out in pox) is that, while it does happen, it’s not very common for a nonvaccinated person to get chickenpox after exposure to shingles unless they are, like, licking open sores. When it’s someone you live with, it’s all exposure all the time, so it’s probably not so cleancut. Add to the mix that chickenpox has a darn long incubation period… You might as well just take up knitting to get your mind on something else.

  • By ticknart, November 14, 2007 @ 11:40 am

    Is shingles a cyclical thing?

    If it is, that sucks. After you got it the first time I hoped it was like chickenpox, once you’ve got it, you’re done.

    Here’s to hoping that it’s just a red sore spot an not something more serious.

  • By heels, November 14, 2007 @ 11:52 am

    nome- It’s definitely not a spider bite, but may just be that my back is out and that there is a very conveniently placed smattering of what appear to be broken blood vessels. So far I’m leaning on the side of not shingles, though this may be that fun thing called “denial.” And I’ve already started Cole’s hat and have about 5 inches done (!). But he loves hats and will wear any and all that come along!

    ticknart- Shingles can come back anytime, forever. It’s not guaranteed that it will come back, and for most people it doesn’t, but we’ve already established that I am not “most people” when it comes to these things and it seems that shingles has declared my body a visiting hotspot. Still hoping that I’m just being paranoid, though.

  • By ticknart, November 14, 2007 @ 2:38 pm

    You know, when we’re little, we all see to hope to be special in some way, but when it actually happens, it never seems to be in the good way, does it?

    I’m here hoping you’re paranoid, too!

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