Oct 30 2007

Through the Weekend Randomly

But first- the dentist has informed us that it is indeed an EXTRA tooth. We aren’t going to pull it yet because it requires sedating him, but we have to keep an eye on it to make sure it doesn’t get infected or affect his bite. Oh, you say DON’T spend money I don’t have now? OKAY!

This is kind of out of place, but we came into Cole’s room the other day (where he had been playing very quietly) to find this zebra balanced perfectly on the crib railing. I’m not sure why he did it, but I thought it was pretty funny and, therefore, needed to share.

On Sunday, after a Saturday of trick-or-treating, we went with my folks to a local lake. Y’know- to walk off some of the pounds of candy we stole from Cole. What?! He got to keep some…

Anyway… it was a GORGEOUS day. John, Cole, and I took a walk out to the dam while my parents tooled around in their new kayak.

Then Cole got a ride.
They made it out to the end of the docks before realizing that, though Cole was not crying, he was CLEARLY uncomfortable and unhappy in that straightjacket life vest and should really be let out. I scooped him up (because I had been hovering following their progress all the way down the dock) and released him from the torture safety device.

And promptly let him play in the mud with all of the broken glass, rusty nails, dead fish, and fish hooks. He was cool with it.

He was also cool last night with his wicked-awesome shades. This is just about the first time he’s ever willingly put on glasses and also not ripped them off within seconds.

Crayon, Dad. Crayon!

Then we were treated to a lecture.

(The best professors ALWAYS have a bottle in one hand, don’t they?)

For a while…
Before he left, disgusted with our ignorance on the proper wearing of Christmas hats before Halloween, to take a little ride on the ridiculously fat shetland pony, formerly known as “Yoko the dog.”

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