Oct 26 2007

He’s really 2 now.

Okay- after that sad topic, who needs a picture of Cole? I know I do.

Cole’s birthday was great. It was small- just us, his aunt, uncle, and two cousins- but he had a fantastic time. The cousins all played so nicely together. I know the girls had been waiting for the day that Cole would be able to join in. Well- that day is here. It was awesome.

You better not have given me any vegetables!

The bobblehead race car thing that John almost ripped to bits trying to get out of the packaging.

The homemade cake. I probably didn’t have to tell you it was homemade, huh? Shut up! The frosting was really really cold! Either that or nobody has told me that I’m palsied…

Do you have to sing, Mom?

Yay! She stopped singing!!!

I guess the cake couldn’t have been that bad. Last year I had to shove some frosting in his face to get him to try it. Since then he has somehow (and I really, honestly DO NOT KNOW HOW) learned the word “cake” and was totally on top of the situation. That cake was in his face (sans fork- I did provide one!) within seconds of hitting the table.

(In case you’re interested- it was the 1-2-3-4 Yellow Cake with organic raspberry and tartred cherry jam filling and homemade cream cheese frosting. Mmmmmmm……)

We rounded out the evening playing with his new vacuum. And discovering that this:

And this:

And this:

Is what we get when we say “Smile!” He completes it by making a sort of singing “eeeeeeee” sound, as if he’s saying “cheeeeeeeeese!” I laughed till I cried.

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