Apr 24 2009

B&B Opening In Early August

I had a lovely morning today, despite initial time-management set-backs. I finally met the completely adorable Yoli (hi, Yoli!) for the first time, officially. We met at a local coffee shop (decaf latte and blueberry-cream cheese scone hot from the oven for me… Mmmm…) and she generously handed over her neutral baby clothes and a few maternity items, as well as a bottle sanitizer and some other goodies. Yay for hand me downs! Yay for the generosity of “strangers”! Yay for tiny socks! What? You know you can’t resist tiny baby socks. (Thanks again!!)

She brought along her tiny baby, about whom all I can say is “NOM. CHEEEEEKS!” He was delicious, and I swear that I didn’t nibble too hard. I’m not a monster (despite what Cole may have told you when I wouldn’t let him have juice at bedtime the other night).

I then went out and bought nearly everything that we need for the home birth, supply-wise. Seeing my cart(s) full of towels and medical supplies was vaguely disturbing, honestly. So was buying drop cloths and a tarp. I don’t remember Cole’s birth being all that… messy, really.

But here I sit with 10 white bath towels, 14 white washclothes, 6 white hand towels, white sheets, white pillow cases, 4 drop cloths, a whole mess of medical supplies, and a bucket. If I don’t use them for birth for some reason, I figure I can start a B&B.;

So I guess things are coming together, as I knew they would, deep down, but feared that it would be harder, somehow, than it has been. I still have so much to do to be prepared for the birth, what with all of the stuff needing to be washed several times and kept sterilized until use. I kind of figure that I may need to take a bit of time off of work just before the due date so that I can have enough time to get it all done.

But today was good for me. I feel accomplished, and better prepared.

It’s also been LOVELY to not have to sit in my damn office chair all day.


  • By NGS, April 24, 2009 @ 4:21 pm

    Baby socks!!!

  • By Yoli, April 24, 2009 @ 10:02 pm

    Ok, I still am sorry for having to up and leave. You know how babies love to keep you moving. It’s my only exercise. Well, I hope you do get some time to put your feet up and eat some more scones. I really wanted to finish my cinn. roll, too…

  • By kittyinarocket, May 7, 2009 @ 4:45 pm

    Keeping stuff sanitized for the birth: We invested in lots of rubbermaid bins. We live in such a dusty environment that Isa’s clothes are actually still kept in them to keep the alkali dust out. Once this phase is over, I don’t know WHAT we’ll do with all these bins lying around, but I’m sure they’ll fill with more stuff.

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