Sep 18 2007

Scattershot 2: Electric Boogaloo

  • You remember how I told you about the kilt I made for Cole? Well, I got the Velcro on and tried it on him again. And he cried! And kept trying to pull it off! It’s nice material, has no pokey-parts, and fits him really well. The only thing we could figure is that, at the way-too-tender age of 22 months, Cole already has strong ideas about gender stereotypes. This could be a problem in our house where these traditional stereotypes are flouted on a daily basis. If it’s true, it must have come from daycare because we’ve certainly never frowned upon males in dresses. It just seems so strange; I mean, he’s SO young. Do you think that’s really what’s happening here? Anyway- so we tried to rectify it by tying the same material around John’s waist as sort of a mini-kilt. Cole seemed to be a bit more comfortable with it after seeing his all-wonderful/powerful daddy wearing a “skirt,” but we’ll have to wait until Saturday to see if he’ll put up with it without daddy around.
  • Also, I am an idiot and have started making pants as well as the shirt and hat I already had planned for him AND have started thinking about a vest. If it all comes out, he’ll be one damn finely dressed kid. I am an idiot. Oh right- I already said that.
  • I’m also so tired. Just exhausted. I can’t get enough sleep. Last Sunday, I was lying on the couch in Cole’s room, watching him play. He left to go out to the living room where John was and, instead of following, I stayed where I was and (accidentally, I swear!) fell asleep in the matter of about 5 minutes! I’m usually not that bad. And I’m hungry and thirsty constantly. I’ll eat a big meal and 15 minutes later I’ll be ready for another. I’ll finish 2 big glasses of water and still feel like I haven’t had a thing to drink for days. It’s weird. Maybe I have a too-mah. Probably not.
  • Because I’ve been hungry all the freakin time, I’ve made 2 batches of cookies in the past couple of days. First, I made oatmeal/raisin/pecan and then, last night, I made chocolate-chip/pecan. All from scratch. All so yummy. John is starting to suspect that I’m trying to fatten him up for market. I should be more discreet…
  • Soooooo Ti-rrrrred.

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