Aug 24 2007


Last night, John took the dog out to the back yard to pee. To get to the back yard, you have to go through the laundry room, which is separated from the kitchen by a door, and out the back door. Cole followed him into the laundry room, but I thought nothing of it. I loaded my arms up with food that should have been in the pantry (also in the laundry room) and tried to go put it away, only to find the door closed. And locked. With Cole on the other side.

So I started knocking on the door and yelling for John to open it before I dropped everything. I couldn’t figure out why I was having such a hard time hearing him until he came through the FRONT door, ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE HOUSE. The door through which he had gone outside was ALSO closed and locked. With Cole on the other side. In the laundry room. With all of those chemicals. ALL BY HIMSELF.

So John grabbed the most accessible card-type thing that couldn’t really get hurt (the Library card, it turned out) and tried to jimmy the door open. No luck.

So I started asking Cole to open the door. Here’s the result (you have to listen to it, so turn on your speakers):

Untitled from Heels and Vimeo.

(Let me translate: He’s saying “Just a minute!”)

I finally remembered that the front door key also opens the handle on the back door (not the deadbolt, but he didn’t lock that) and I was able to get in.

Here’s what I found:

He was very quietly and very innocently (HA!) trying to buckle Yoko’s harness, buckles being one of his current obsessions.


(The mark on his face is not his punishment for locking the door. He did a nice little face plant at daycare onto the astroturf in their indoor play-yard. I wasn’t even there! I swear!!)

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  • By sunShine, August 28, 2007 @ 10:47 am

    Okay, his little voice is just too adorable. He is such a stinker, locking himself in the laundry room to play with the dogs harness. I would have freaked out when I realized the door was locked!

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