Jul 19 2007

What I did about it

Here’s what I wrote to my supervisor (who, by the way, agrees with me whole-heartedly):

I am concerned by the, I feel, clearly discriminatory nature of the new personal attire policy. It seems that it is a policy directed solely at the female employees. While I agree with some of the suggestions, I do not agree with all of them. In particular I find the footwear policy to be unnecessary. While it is important, from a safety standpoint, to make sure that we are wearing the appropriate shoes for the tasks we are performing, I in no way feel that it requires a policy that disallows certain types of shoes in all cases. For instance, the example given is about flip flops. Personally, I do not frequently wear flip flops, but when I do they are clean, nice looking sandals that happen to have a thong piece between my toes. They stay on my feet as well as most closed shoes. I do not perform tasks which make the exposure of my toes a hazard. There is no safety risk.

From a “professional” standpoint, I wonder where we draw the line. Sport sandals stay on feet but are not very “professional” looking. Will they be deemed inappropriate as well? What about open-toe sandals that do have a strap on the back to make sure that they can’t fall off? What about high-heeled, fancy sandals with a thong between the toes but no strap? What about open-toe heels? You may call this a slippery slope argument, but I really don’t see a clear line here past, perhaps, a personal aesthetic, and I don’t see that as a valid argument. If we want to get into a personal aesthetic argument then nobody wins. We all have different taste. We are not a company that wears uniforms. Until we are, I believe the only argument that can be made is one of safety and decency, neither of which should make sandals inappropriate in all cases.

She will be putting it together with what the other irritated employees are saying and will be presenting it to the appropriate people.

The thing that really gets to me is that this policy springs from a personal problem that a VP is having with an employee who happens to live with him (they are not romantically involved and are not related, he just acts like her father all the time). We have worn whatever we’ve wanted for years until she was hired and he started telling her what she could and couldn’t wear on her way out the door to work. THAT IS NOT A VALID REASON TO MAKE A POLICY!! WE should not have to suffer for her crappy fashion decisions!

Anyway… what do you all think about this?

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  • By sunShine, July 26, 2007 @ 11:29 am

    I would be so pissed if we could not wear sandal, slip in type shoes to work. That is a bunch of crap. I hope they change the policy.

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