Jun 18 2007

Friday Night

So yes, we went out on Friday. And yes, we had a really good time. We spent WAY too much money for a single night out (restaurants around here seem to think that they are in San Francisco or something with kind of prices they are charging- it’s getting ridiculous!), but we all agreed that we’d have to do it again, though maybe we’d choose somewhere cheaper. A lot cheaper. But, there are worse ways to spend a payday in which your husband clocked 24.5 hours of overtime!

Cole’s babysitter was great. Cole had a harder time letting us go than I thought he would. When John and I were leaving and saying goodbye, Cole started saying goodbye and waving- but it was to the babysitter, not us. He thought that he was coming with us and that Katy was just going to hang at our house, maybe to watch after the dog. We had to explain to him that he was going to stay at home and play and have a really good time. This “suggestion” was not exactly appreciated by the baby mister, but I don’t think he actually fussed for long. And I’m sure that he had a good time overall.

I was the classic frantic mother before we left, streaming verbal garbage non-stop at the poor babysitter. I just couldn’t stop talking, telling her things that she wouldn’t have to know and things she already knew. I’m a worst case scenario type of person, so I left her money, the car with the carseat, Cole’s important medical information (weight, exact age, blood type, possible allergies, etc.) stopping just short of writing her a letter giving her the ability to make emergency medical decisions. But I thought about it.

What I didn’t do, though, was call to check in. Not once. I eyed my phone a couple of times thinking I would just call for a quick update, but I didn’t. I trust this babysitter and didn’t want to give her the impression that I thought any less of her than I do. I knew everything was okay and that she had all of our phone numbers if something wasn’t. I’m bad, but I’m not that bad.

John, very kindly, was our designated driver, allowing me to get my drink on have a couple of manhattans (yum!). I can’t remember the last time I’ve had a drink in a bar or a restaurant. It was at least 2.5 years ago. It’s a fun thing to do every once in a while.

Lavay Smith was good, too. I don’t really think she’s that hot of a singer- she’s all right and at least has one of the lower voices of many female vocalists out there- but her band rocks. THe pianist played a really fantastic boogie-woogie song that made it sound like there were a couple more of him on stage.

The one unfortunate part of the evening was that I realized that a pair of my favorite heels are really, officially too small. They’d always been a bit small, but it was never that big of a deal. Now they are just too tight and I’m not enough of a masochist to enjoy squishing into them anymore. Fair warning to husband: They WILL need to be replaced.


  • By sunShine, June 18, 2007 @ 11:35 am

    SO glad that you had a fun time. I wish we could find a good reliable babysitter near us. I am like you too though with the instructions for the sitter, heck I am like that when I leave the babe with my hubby!

  • By nrp, June 18, 2007 @ 2:45 pm

    Sounds like fun!

    We routinely leave a medical consent form when we leave the kids with sitters. I say this as if we routinely leave our kids with a sitter, hah! It’s not that we’ll ever be too far away to come deal with an emergency ourselves (or meet them at the hospital or whatnot), rather we feel that we are showing a certain level of trust in this person (which level is self-evident to me, since I’m leaving my kids with that person at all, but this is one way of conveying that to the sitter–I know I appreciated it when parents did it for me when I was a sitter).

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