May 14 2007

Will it ever stop?

Here’s what I’m worrying about now:

Do you see the highlighting? Those are the teeth that Cole HAS. The upper #2 tooth? He has had for quite some time already. But its mate on the other side? WILL. NOT. COME. IN.

We can see it hovering up there. There’s a big lump under his gums just in that place. But the tooth just will not rear its pearly head.

What’s worrying me, besides the fact that its WAY late coming in, is that that’s the place where he hurt his mouth twice when he was just starting walking. He bashed his gums into the tile step at our old house on two different occasions, bleeding heavily each time (of course, any blood coming from my son seems like heavy bleeding to me).

So what if, on those two horrific occasions, he damaged his tooth while it was still developing and now it won’t come out? What if he has to get a bridge or something until his adult teeth come it? What if his adult tooth is permanently damaged, too?

I am going to call a local pediatric dentist that I’ve heard good things about tomorrow. I was going to call today, but their offices are closed, dammit. I’m thinking that maybe we just need to get an x-ray taken, or maybe she’ll give me the good smack that I need and send me away telling me that he’s just fine and I’m a mega worry-wart. That’s probably it, right? Please?

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  • By The Princess, May 14, 2007 @ 6:41 pm

    I’m certain he is fine. My friends 2 year old son just now got his eye teeth.

    In 5 years you would have forgotten about this…I promise!!

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