Apr 10 2007

Meet Baby Bunny!

Baby Bunny making food out of sand (which he then pretended to eat and feed to mama).

Baby Bunny trying to climb the slide.

Baby Bunny realizing that using the slide the other way is a lot more fun.

Baby Bunny on the baby swings, holding on for dear life with his Baby Bunny paws (but still having a great time).

And here we have Cowboy Cole, who decided that sneakers were much more practical in the city than boots. And flowers are more interesting than beer (so HE says).

But tiny racing cars are still fascinating!

(Sorry I couldn’t show you the tiny racing cars. They were just too fast!)

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  • By sunShine, April 11, 2007 @ 1:20 pm

    I love those pics. Cole is just so darn adorable!

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