Feb 27 2007


Here’s my pretty boy. Isn’t he pretty? So pretty. Pretty. Yes. Ahhhh.

But sometimes he transforms into Minielvis.

Minielvis think Elmo FUH-NEE!

Minielvis also MUST have his Aquaphor while eating bananas in front of Elmo. In his jammies. But they’re totally wicked awesome snowboarding bear jammies. And they’re really soft. And COOL. Don’t forget cool. But mostly- soft.

And then we wash the Minielvis right off of him and he becomes my pretty again. Look- how graceful! His lower abs are properly tucked, his arm is poised, and his toes are pointed. And despite his unarguable nudity, his modesty is still well protected. Full Points!

So yeah- he’s pretty, he wears plastic wigs and laughs at Elmo, and he escapes from the tub now.

He’s my big boy. And he’s 16 months old.


  • By em, February 28, 2007 @ 10:49 am

    He’s so much bigger than the lasst time I saw him, and tat was only about 6 weeks ago! I neeed him!

  • By sunShine, March 5, 2007 @ 11:58 am

    HE is so freakin’ cute. He just gets more adorable with every picture. I love the minielvis pics! Too cute.

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