Mar 16 2009

I’m Like a Giant Bird

(And I may peck your eyes out if you cross me.)

Over the weekend, I laid down new cocoa hulls in a planting bed, finished building furniture for Cole’s room and started re-organizing it, pulled down all of the baby clothes and did a bunch of laundry, washed my car and John’s, and completely detailed the inside of my car- even going so far as to heft the vacuum INTO the back to get it as thoroughly clean as I possibly could.

I’m not nesting at all.

I remember being hugely pregnant with Cole and getting down on my hands and knees late at night because the baseboards and bathroom floor were not going to clean themselves, you know! It’s already starting this time. I can’t stop myself. Each weekend, and several weeknights, I have been pushing myself to fatigue doing all of those little chores that obviously CAN NOT WAIT or, at least, I can’t get out of my head until I do them. I have plans, folks, big plans. Plans that would be MUCH bigger if only our pocketbooks were a little fuller.

I want to paint the kitchen cabinets red, finish painting the chairs, find art for the living room walls, re-do all of the closets, get all of my filing done, transition my work office to my home office, plant a small garden, fix the back yard, build the crib, wash and sort and fold and obsess over and wash again and sort and fold and obsess over all of the tiny baby clothes, clean the $60 Papasan bouncer that I got for $15 (YES! SCORE!), fret over baby stuff, try not to buy baby stuff, pick baby names, re-mortgage the house, scrub every surface, do a complete re-model of Cole’s bathroom, and install hardwood floors. My goals are modest.

(The things in that list that will most likely NOT happen- painting the cabinets, painting the chairs, finding art, a good re-do of the closets, fixing the yard, bathroom re-model, hardwood floors. These things take money and a tolerance for chemical smells that I can’t even begin to manage while pregnant. This just means that I will have anxiety about them constantly until Roo is born and I can’t get enough sleep to think about much other than boobs and diaper changes.)

In money saving news, we have so much stuff left over from Cole’s tiny-babyhood, and so much of what I liked even then was unisex, that we are SET for clothes for at least the first few months. Sure it would be nice to have a couple more things, but only because I’m lazy and would rather avoid doing laundry for as long as possible. Looking through all of the stuff we still have was really a relief, as I was, apparently, more stressed about clothing this child than I realized. Though I always held it in the back of my head that Roo will be born in late July and so could, theoretically, make it quite a few months clad only in a diaper. In fact, I may try to do the same. Don’t stop by the house unannounced, is all I’m saying…

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