Jan 11 2010

Beanie Baby

What do you do with a (nearly) 6 month-old baby all day when you are also supposed to be working? Riddle me THAT, Batman. (Batman has, so far, been useless in this respect).

Though Rowan is my second child, this is my first go-round with actually being a completely full-time mom. Cole was already in daycare by the time he was 4 months old, and I went back to work full-time when he was only 9 WEEKS old, all of which is really painful and hard to believe to this day. The point is that I only had to entertain him on nights and weekends, which I was more than happy to do, given that I had to work at all other times and he was a wonderful break from that.

But now, I am still working from home about 20 hours/week and Rowan is with me every second of every day, and I mean EVERY. I can barely put this chick down without her pitching a fit, and I love her to bits and don’t want to overly distress her (figuring that being a teenage girl someday is going to be distressing enough for both of us). I can’t get housework done, I can’t get work-work done. I’d quit and just be free to be with her, but I can’t afford to do that and have my house. She hates the swing, she hates the bed, she hates the floor, she hates sitting with me at the computer, she hates the bouncy-thing. I no longer have arms. I no longer have much of anything except this baby girl chewing on me all day and night.

I also haven’t had a really good nights sleep in 6 months, which is, I’m sure, wreaking havoc with my perspective.

So what do YOU do? How do you entertain babies? Keep in mind that I can’t really go anywhere because of the work thing, so taking walks and going to the store midday, and joining mother’s groups are all right out.

(I’m fucked, aren’t I?)

But as super-attached babies go, she is GLORIOUS. She is charming and lovely and sweet and full of beans. See? This proves it:

100% Beans.

She’s 18 pounds of delicious beans, that one.

And she and her brother have formed a serious mutual-admiration society.

Me? I’m working when I can, am a brand-new member of the Arts Council Board, and have started working out, mostly at home and to the sound of screeching baby girl (“cause I’m not holding her, you see).

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  • By Yoli, January 23, 2010 @ 8:40 pm

    She's adorable. And, just consider her another appendage. I have a very large right bicep from holding Esai on my right side all the time and a very wimpy left!
    I got an ERGO sling so he could be in front (which he loves), the hip or the back so I can be hands free. They are expensive but well worth it. I think Dandelions is selling them now.
    Happy baby paling. Ohh, those cheeks.

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