Nov 30 2006

We aren’t getting a tree this year. The one in the pictures is at my parent’s house and is fake. It’s a good fake though, and often visitors can’t tell.

We aren’t getting a tree for several reasons:

1) We’ll spend the whole holiday at my parent’s house anyway
2) I could really use the money in other ways
3) I always forget to water them
4) I hate the mess they leave
5) I hate disposing of them when it’s all over
6) Cole is enough of a hazard just walking- I don’t need to see him around MORE ornaments or trying to climb the tree, which would be inevitable
7) I don’t feel like getting into the dead tree discussion with my nephew.

I think that’s enough.

We’ve done live trees before, but, thanks to my stellar ability to kill all plant life within my house and a 5 foot perimeter surrounding it, they end up the same way as the pre-dead ones. What’s the point? I’ll buy a wreath and string up some lights. Hell- maybe I won’t even do that and instead will just sit on my couch sipping burbon-laced eggnog and watching episodes of Buffy for the next three weeks (and I think I’m fat NOW!).

Sounds good. Will you join me?


  • By Anonymous, December 1, 2006 @ 7:53 am

    I absolutely hate the mess a live tree leaves but I still insist on having one….the insanity!

  • By sunShine, December 1, 2006 @ 2:13 pm

    I wish we could get a little fake tree this year, but of course we will get the big dead tree that will shed all over the freakin’ carpet and I will spend the next few weeks complaining about it and trying to keep the babe out of it. Can you tell I am excited about it? Can I come drink eggnog and watch Buffy with you, it sounds much more relaxing.

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