Oct 23 2006

I’m glad that weekend’s over!

This past weekend was a bit crazy. The belly dancing troupe that I’m a part of threw a festival. Though I didn’t dance this time, I was still insanely busy/stressed because I ran the airbrush tattoo booth.

I have never done airbrushing before. Even though I used stencils, there was more skill involved than I originally anticipated. Before getting to the festival, the only practice I had was on paper. I didn’t have the makeup and I didn’t have willing bodies to experiment on.

It was kind of a disaster. It got better later in the night, but in the first few hours I messed up LOTS of tattoos (the wonderful thing is that they WIPE OFF!) and caused my air compressor to shut itself down ( I thought I had killed it).

I got help with the compressor (it didn’t come with a manual- thank goodness for other people’s handy husbands!), and I got practice with the gun. It was a real learning experience.

We didn’t make a whole lot of money this time, but the better I get the hang of it all the more we can rake it in. I’m sure of it.

There was some really beautiful dancing. If you were in the area and didn’t come you really missed out. I think we all have ideas about how it can go better next year.

I certainly am inspired to dance again. What creative, wonderful, talented people there are out there. I’m so glad to know so many of them!

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