Sep 26 2006


I just purchased this awesome tricycle for Cole for his birthday.

The Kettler Kettrike Air Happy with Push-Bar (I added on a seat belt, a basket, and a bell for just a little more). It really is a very cool trike, but damn. It’s pricey. My parents are going to chip in some, but still… My tummy hurts just a little.

Why buy such a pricey trike for Cole? For one, it should last him until he’s at least 4, maybe 5. It can hold up to 400 pounds and I really don’t think he’ll ever get that big. The limiting factor will be height. Secondly, it is so well made. It’s made in Germany and is constructed like a bicycle made for an adult. It is virtually indestructable. Thirdly, every, and I mean EVERY, review was so glowing. You’d think that these parents had been paid to say these nice things. And even if they were, they can pay me too and I’ll say nice things and offset the astounding price of the trike!

I don’t think Cole will be getting much from us for Christmas, though. Maybe some socks.

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  • By em, September 26, 2006 @ 4:56 pm

    YES! I’ve seen people with all ranges of little guys using these in the city. They’re awesome because they’re like a stroller too. I approve. Spencer and I went birthday-present-shopping for Cole yesterday, but we couldn’t find anything perfect. Can I pitch in on this too?

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