Sep 26 2006

C’mon. Do it for Mama!

It’s amazing. As soon as I start to worry about Cole not meeting some developmental step, he meets it.

For example, yesterday I was reading that babies his age should be able to understand and follow simple commands, such as “Give Mama the spoon.” I really didn’t think that he could do that and I started to worry that we weren’t working with him enough, that his verbal skills weren’t developing properly, yaddayaddayadda…

And then, when we were riding home in the car, he closed his cell phone- his favorite toy right now- and couldn’t get it open again. I said “Give the phone to Dada” and… he did. He just calmly handed over his phone to be opened by John.

So why do I continue to worry, when every time he puts my fears to rest? Well, I guess it’s because I’m a Mom. The capacity for illogical fear and worry was formed in me at the very instant I found out that I was pregnant, and it has grown exponentially since.

My current fears:
That Cole won’t learn to use utensils by himself.
That he’s allergic to milk.
That he’s becoming a spoiled brat.
That his teeth are rotting.
That he’ll never really learn to fall asleep by himself.
That he hasn’t formed an attachment to a “lovey.”
That he’s lonely.

That covers some of the current big ones.

So tell me, am I alone? I don’t think I am. What are some of your current fears for your children? Let’s share, so that we can tell each other that we’re just being silly and that all of our children are the most perfect beings on earth. Because they are, aren’t they?


  • By em, September 26, 2006 @ 2:21 pm

    um. this looks familiar.

  • By em, September 26, 2006 @ 2:36 pm

    okay, so after reading your last blog, I don’t think you have to worry about having a spoiled brat. I loved child is one with boundaries and your have never been one to have those be unclear!

    Second, utensils are tricky. I don’t even know how to use them very well (hence the occasional pea up the nose…that one’s tough). Seriously, Spencer still spills his milk from his spoon when he eats cereal.

    Next, he’s not even one and I’m sure that grammy would disagree with me, but babies SHOULD NOT have to feel lonely and insecure. This is his second gestation and he needs you. However, it is a pain in the ass to have to lie with him every night until one of you falls asleep. One is not too early to set up a bedtime routine, but it does seem a little early to just leave him to cry. I know you agree, so stop worrying.

    Spencer never attatched himself to any kind of comfort object other than my boobs and I’m pretty sure he’s relatively okay.

    Finally, Cole has two parents, two grandparents, a doting childcare provider and countless children in his life on a regular basis. that a zillion to one ratio. I don’t think you have to worry about him being lonely.

    My worries are that we’re watching too many movies and that I don’t have enough quality time to spend with Spencer and quality things to do when I am. However, last weeekend we made soup, made muffins, went to the park and gardened. Not bad.
    Shit, this should have been an email. I’m “taking a break” from a ginormous paper I’m wirting.

  • By sunShine, September 28, 2006 @ 11:06 am

    Doesn’t every parent have these fears? I worry that my son will not be able to be weaned from breastfeeding. I also worry that cow’s milk will make him violently ill, even though he eats Yo’baby yogurt made with cow’s milk with no problems. I worry he will never be able to feed himself. That is just the tip of the iceburg. I could go on for days.

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