Jul 26 2006

Rat- you’re so Hard Core.

I’m very confused.

A couple of days ago, I set out traps for the rat(s) in our garage. I apologize for my heartlessness to those of you who enjoy the company of rats, but I hate them and want to see them die. (Actually, I don’t want to see them die, literally, ’cause- ew. I just want them to no longer be in my house or leave any trace that suggests their existence on the face of the earth.)

This morning I went out to the car and glanced around at the traps (read: checked the ones under the stairs compulsively because I’m so scared of the rat that I don’t even want to walk above it) and noticed something very strange: two, TWO, traps were gone…

The thought I’ve had in my head ever since is of the rat wandering around in my garage with both sticky traps attached somewhere on it’s body. I can’t imagine how it can live normally with  two huge traps attached. I’m dreading finding this thing. The thought is at once hilarious and horrifying. I actually don’t want the thing to suffer, I just don’t want it in my house (that’s how I feel about all of the pests- rats, mice, hamsters, birds, bugs, snakes, republicans, evangelical christians, etc.). Is it ever going to die or get caught or will it just keep picking up more traps and start a punk-rat trend?

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  • By ticknart, July 26, 2006 @ 4:18 pm

    What you reall need to get is that food/poison that dries the buggers from the inside out so they’ll eat and wander back into their hidey holes and die and mummify and you won’t smell a thing.

    Also, if you do come across the rat, you’ll know it’s dead, as opposed to the horrible possibility of finding the rat still alive in the rat trap.


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