Jan 02 2009

Observant? Or Demon-Posessed?

Cole does this thing in grocery stores, and has been doing it for about a year now, where he will suddenly stop everything else, look up at the ceiling, and shout “NO!” I could not figure out what he was doing the first several times, and I seriously considered starting to believe in God just so that I could believe that perhaps demons were taking over my child’s body because SERIOUSLY I could not think of anything else that could cause it. But then I stopped, and thought about what had happened in the few seconds before he shouted, and realized that he was still hearing and paying attention to something that I had long since stopped noticing even a little bit.

The in-store PA system.

You know- like when they holler about the clean up on isle 17, or for Deborah to please come check on lane 3? Well Cole, it seems, believes that they are always talking to him, and he refuses to give in to their demands. My tiny contrarian.

But isn’t, at the heart of this, one of the great joys of parenthood? Getting to experience things for the first time all over again through your child? Granted, I could do without hearing every broadcast in the grocery store, but if that’s the price I have to pay to also get to see his delight in discovering every new detail, I’ll gladly pay it. And it’s yet another reason to eagerly anticipate the new baby.

Speaking of the new baby, and of Cole, Cole poked at my belly yesterday and asked “You cooking a baby in there, mama?” I said yes (because… whatever. It’s as good an explanation as any to a 3 year old), and after he ran off again to do whatever busy thing he had to do, I had a giant laugh over it. My father and his friend happened to be visiting and asked if that’s what I had told him and I had to admit that I have absolutely NO idea where he got that notion. School maybe? I can’t think of any other way.

So the baby is about a third of the way cooked, and I’m so happy to be entering my second trimester. My belly is beginning to look less like I’m horribly constipated and more like I’m actually pregnant, which is a huge improvement.

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  • By HeatherPride, January 5, 2009 @ 12:00 pm

    That is hilarious that Cole is talking back to the grocery store PA!! hahahaha

    Congrats on entering the second trimester!! Yay! It won’t be too long before you start feeling those little flutters! Exciting!

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