Apr 18 2006

Happiness is Good Daycare

Today is Cole’s second day at the new daycare. I can tell already that it is a huge improvement. Yesterday, when I picked him up, the new lady (Judy) didn’t want to let him go. She kept saying how nice he was all day, how good, what a treasure. She told me that he’s a “keeper”. It was really nice to hear because, even though I know he’s wonderful, his old daycare lady used to greet me by telling me how “bad” he had been all day. She only had complaints. I used to worry that it was, perhaps, something I was doing. Now I know it was just her.

Last night he was also much more active and responsive. He used to act like a little lump when I would pick him up after work, but yesterday he was excited and happy- the way I’m used to him being when he’s with me.

Judy made a card for me and John with pictures of Cole from his first day. He looked happy or involved with a toy in every picture. It was a really nice touch. She also bound our copies of all of the paperwork so we can easily keep everything together. She is so much more professional than the last.

So now, even though I still think about him all day, I don’t worry constantly about Cole any more. I know he is safe and as happy as he can be being away from his family. I know it’s a cliche to say that it feels like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders, but that explains it pretty accurately. What a relief!

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  • By nrp, April 19, 2006 @ 10:49 am

    Oh, hurray! Judy sounds like a keeper.

    Say, I have stuff! For you! If you want it. Can’t find your email address though (read: I am too lazy to look very hard).

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