Apr 12 2006

Easter- A Pagan Holiday Gone So Wrong

I have this idea in my head that I’d really like to lose a bit of weight before going to BlogHer on the off chance that I’d get the urge to show my blindingly white body off in a bathing suit by the pool. Forget tanning, that causes cancer and, if the chemical version is used, streakiness (obviously almost as bad as cancer). But losing some cellulite? That’s something I should do anyway.

Then Easter had to sneak up on me.

I hate Easter. Not only is it a religious holiday that I have no real interest in celebrating, but everything closes that day. That’s a day I need to be able to go out and get things done. You can’t close! It’s not like it’s Christmas!

But most of all, there’s the candy.

Only one other holiday is as dangerous as Easter when it comes to candy, and that’s Halloween. But Halloween is after Blogher and so I’m not worried.

But Easter with it’s Spice jelly beans (they’re low fat- no biggie! And clove jelly beans? YUM.) and mini Cadbury eggs (they’re TINY. That can’t Possibly hurt me.) and the chocolateChocolateCHOCOLATE. SHIT! It all just adds up. (Plus, I went to Trader Joe’s and got these triple ginger snaps and I just can’t stay away from them, dammit.)

And the weather has been so bad (with no break in sight) that I haven’t wanted to get out and walk, which is just about the only way I am willing to exercise.

So I may spend all of BlogHer in jeans and a turtleneck, hiding behind a potted plant and holding Cole in front of me like a shield of cuteness. Never mind that it’s in July. Maybe if I wear all black like a stage-hand no one will see me at all. They’ll just see the baby floating in mid-air. Yeah. That’s the ticket.

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