Mar 30 2006

A few more, just ’cause I like ya…

That’s right Cole, pray for your sinner parents.

He’s doing the SoDuKo Puzzle with Daddy… Awww, Bonding…

Talk into the Microphone-Foot

Let the Baby Einstein Brain Washing COMMENCE!

Y’know Mom, I like you. You’re not like the other mommies here at the trailer park.

Oh, you’re so welcome. Don’t mention it.

(Never mind total lack of content. Be mesmerized by baby pictures. That’s right. You’re HAPPY with the baby pictures. You don’t need to think. No, no. Keep your eyes on the pendulum. On the count of 3 you will tell me how pretty you think I am. 1…2…3)


  • By Kamice', March 30, 2006 @ 7:11 pm

    thats SoDuKo. you know those crazy japanese.
    and… ohhhhhhhhh…. baby….so…cute.

  • By nrp, March 30, 2006 @ 10:02 pm

    Awwww… Nothing like a good Cole fix.

    And he can do the SuDoKu without using a pen or pencil! My kinda guy. The Baby Einstein stuff is working.

  • By heels, March 31, 2006 @ 8:12 am

    Thanks Thalisha- I, quite obviously, did not spend much time on the puzzle (mostly because John kept ignoring my suggestions)(Which turned out to be right, BTW)

    And yes. Cole keeps all of the permutations in his head. Goddamn genius, that one. Besides, he might poke his eye out with a pencil.

  • By Ginny, April 5, 2006 @ 10:03 am

    He is a doll! 1st time visitor here, came by way of bethfish.

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