Nov 29 2005

Ok. Actual help needed here. At what point should babies be on a regular eating/sleeping schedule? Because this baby boy? Is NOT. Unless by regular you mean whenever he’s awake he wants to eat. The problem with that? I have to go back to work on December 19th and John doesn’t have tits. I have no clue how much milk I need to pump or when to try to pump it, seeing as how I have a baby stuck to either one or the other all day long. I hate the idea of “baby training” because I feel like he’s just getting what he needs right now- I mean, he is growing a lot- but I’m getting nervous. I don’t want to leave for work and have John be stuck with a screaming, totally inconsolable child. Do you think Cole will schedule himself in the next couple of weeks or do I have to step in?


  • By Anonymous, November 29, 2005 @ 1:31 pm

    My friend who’s got a seven year old says to ask your pediatrician. He/she will know what the current wisdom on this is.

  • By nrp, November 29, 2005 @ 2:23 pm

    OK. So, there are a growing number of folks out there who are promoting inducing lactation in men. Seriously. I’m sure a Google search would give you waaaayy more information than you’ve ever dreamed of.

    Barring that… Breastmilk keeps very well in the freezer and you are likely making quite a bit of milk right now, so pumping now for the future would be a good thing. You’ve probably got better things to be doing in the rare moments that you don’t have some little kid hanging off your boob, but if you start pumping right after he eats, even if you’re not getting much milk at first, your milk supply will increase pretty quickly. I assume you’ll be pumping at work? Will John be able to bring Cole to you to nurse during the day at all? I think you mentioned having an electric pump already, but I’d recommend starting out with the Avent one (blocking on the name). I found it to be very, um, comfy and easy to use and I have no use for mine anymore, so if you want it, just say the word.

    I’ve never been one for putting my kids on any kind of feeding schedule–especially during the breastfeeding months–but I did introduce the bottle of breastmilk early on with both. That way, John could get up with them while I slept a little longer. If you start experimenting now with different bottles and nipples, you can figure out what Cole likes the best before you go back to work.

    It’s also very likely that Cole’s eating habits will slow down as he gets older. I remember Hannah just nursing all the time and I thought it would never end…

    Hope some of this helps…

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