Sep 20 2005

I just generally feel like crap. Everything was going so well with this pregnancy and then it just started to sliiiide downhill. Nothing is really WRONG exactly, it just feels like nothing is quite right, either. I feel like I’m coming down with a nasty cold everyday that never gets QUITE bad enough to prompt me to ask to go home. It’s not a nice feeling and I would like for it to stop. Now.

But, to count the good things:
~ I’m 35 weeks along and can still shave my legs by myself!
~ I can also still put on my own underwear. I did have some trouble with socks the other day, but I managed.
~ My back is still (barely) holding in there. Heating pad=new best friend.
~ My doula, Elizabeth, is awesome!
~ I’m still sleeping pretty well, despite an average of 3 pee breaks each night.
~ All we really need in order to be ready is wipes. We totally forgot the wipes!
~ I can now fairly acurately say that I have a month left. That feels better than you can imagine…
~ I’m not totally blowing it at work.
~ I have mostly avoided the pregnant “waddle”.
~ I have not peed myself.
~ (I’m going to jinx myself by writing this) No stretch marks.
~ I weigh more than John, but I still don’t weigh as much as I did at my heaviest a couple years ago.
~ I still haven’t peed myself.

I guess it could be worse.


  • By nrp, September 20, 2005 @ 10:33 pm

    Can you still clip your own toenails?

    Sorry you’re feeling ick.

    I’ve got a package nearly ready to send off to you. Hopefully it’ll help. At least distract you for a few minutes.

    I always remember that you guys gave us a whole Costco case of wipes before Hannah was born. It was so thoughtful!

  • By heels, September 21, 2005 @ 5:20 am

    In order:
    -Yes but (possibly TMI) they are tiny and hardly need work.
    -Thank you. I’m a bit better today.
    - WOO HOO!!
    - That’s where I’m going to get ours. They had a coupon for diapers this month. I’m set on those for..oh.. a month maybe!

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