Sep 13 2005

Oh my goodness- how bad have I been about posting? I have just actually been busy at work and tired at home (not that John even lets me near the computer at home for more than 5 minutes at a time). I should really be writing thank you notes right now, but I wrote a bunch on Sunday and I’m still burnt out.

I had a good midwife appointment last week. I had gained one more pound than I technically should have, but then saw the midwife and found out that Cole had made my uterus grow two centimeters more than he should have, so it’s all the kid’s fault! He went through a nice little growth spurt. At least, I hope it was a growth spurt and not that he is getting to be abnormally large. He needs to come out before he’s allowed to do that. I do think he’s really long, though, but I’ve said that before. All of my other stats were totally normal except that my blood pressure hasn’t gone up at all the whole time I’ve been pregnant. Usually a woman’s BP goes up, at least a little bit, as her blood volume goes up. Mine? Nope! But it’s a good thing.

I went to physical therapy last night for my back pain, but I only felt worse when I left the office. They want me to come back on Thursday, but I think not. If I had gotten an all over back massage I might think about it, but he just rubbed one muscle in one place over and over which drives my sensitive skin and the OCD freak in me insane. At least my insurance convered it 100%- no deductible or anything.

John got a book called “Freakonomics” from Costco this past weekend. It’s really interesting. I read the chapter on baby names first. It discusses whether what you name your child is an indicator of their future success. Turns out not really. The thing that I found most interesting was that Cole’s name was in the list of the 20 whitest baby boy names in the US. It was number 11. It means that pretty much only white baby boys are ever named Cole. I knew I was white but… damn. Oh well, I suppose it could be worse. At least we didn’t name him Shithead or OrangeJello (check out the book!).

In other book news, I am currently reading “Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell” by Suzanna Clarke. It is about (fictional) English magicians in the 19th century and is sort of in the style of Jane Austin. I’m really enjoying it. It is actually making me READ! I am usually such a speed- reading scanner when it comes to fiction and, unfortunately, even though I don’t read most of the words in most books, I don’t usually miss a whole lot. With this book, I would miss everything if I read as I normally do. It is such a refreshing change! It is taking a lot longer to read though.

I thought there was more but either I can’t think of it and will have to post again later or I’m going crazy, which is exceedingly possible.

Only 5 mondays left until my due date!!

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