Aug 29 2005

One more weekend down in the countdown to parenthood, and it was a pretty good one. Despite a sore throat and head, I managed to soldier through and have a great time with our friend Josh who was visiting from California. We hadn’t seen him in over a year and it ws really good to catch up in person. Congrats to him, too, on the new job.

We went to the lovely bakery Saturday morning and got croissants. It was a bit late, so they weren’t fresh-out-of-the-oven gorgeous, but still rather good. It was a fun change from the usual cereal and soymilk routine. Then we went out to a movie- Broken Flowers. We all thought it was fairly good (I liked it quite a bit, but I don’t want to speak for the others), but the best part of the outing was hearing the review of one very vocal woman. She announced that the Bill Murray in movies like Scrooged was the Bill Murray she wanted to see and that this movie was the worst she had EVER seen. She said this very loudly to her friend and then to the ticket-taker (I’m sure it really changed his life). Josh and I just wondered together at how it seems like some people, though you know they have just come from the same theatre, have seen an entirely different movie than you. It takes all kinds… Anyway, we stayed up way too late talking that night and slept in a bit the next morning.

When we did finally get up and going, we decided that we had just enough time to get over to the Andy Warhol museum before hitting the Baby shower. I’m so glad that we went. Not only was there a “John Waters Curates Andy Warhol’s Porn” exhibit, which was fascinating, but it made me feel like the entire day wasn’t a cultural vacuum. I felt somewhat different about the baby shower.

So, I have to say that I appreciate so much all of the effort that went into my shower and all of the generosity from my coworkers. They really wanted a nice day for me and John and I’ll never forget that. BUT, it was not the kind of baby shower that I would have chosen. Most of the food was fine, thank goodness, but the cake was awful and the decorations were hideous. Even after expressing a dislike for teddy bear stuff, it was made the theme of the shower and I got a number of gifts with teddy bear decorations. And, though I thought the idea of a pinata was cute and I did like the dino pinata they picked, they forced ALL of the candy on me to take home. I don’t want that! I’m not supposed to eat that! Talk was also uncomfortable and I had to stop myself many times from making jokes/comments that I would make around family or friends.

But I sound like an ungrateful bitch, I know. I’m really not!! I didn’t expect anyone to give me a shower and I guess I shouldn’t complain. I did get some fantastic gifts! The ladies from work pitched in and gave me a rocking chair! Now I don’t have to buy one and can use the money from my family on essentials (like diapers!). Another woman gave me the Neat diaper disposal system- fantastic, and yet another gave me the fold-up swing I really wanted. Josh gave me two of his favorite Dr. Suess books with wonderful inscriptions inside. I also got lots of precious clothes and blankets and hooded towels (who can pass up those hooded towels? Not me and not them, I guess!). This kid will always be dry and wrapped snugly. We now have more blankets than we’ll ever need, but I’m keeping them all because you never know… And I’m sure it’ll be COLD this winter.

Now we also have everything for the crib except the mattress. I’m feeling a great urge to make up the crib and have it be ready and cozy so I think I’ll have to get the mattress this week. It has to happen sooner or later. After that all we really need are stockpiles of diapers and we’ll be pretty much ready. There will be a few things that I’ll want to get, but they aren’t total necessities. I think we’re in a pretty good place with only 8 weeks to go. I’m getting really excited. I saw a picture today of twin boys who were born 10 weeks too early. They were only a little more than 3 lbs each but they still looked like normal, beautiful little babies. It was so strange to think that my boy is already bigger than that and he’s still inside. It feels a little weird to imagine him so well formed and getting so big and knockin’ around inside me all day. He’s getting terrifically active. He’ll have two exercise days followed by a resting/growing day. I wonder how much of his schedule will stay the same after he’s born. I can’t believe how far and how close his due date seems. I’m all over the emotional map about him and everything related to him. Mainly, I can’t wait. I’ll tell you about my strange epiphany regarding him later.

Now I have to go to Costco and drag my tired, sick ass around. Then I’ll need a treat- I don’t know what, but it better be good.

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