Jul 18 2005

We had a pretty good weekend.

My Mom was here with MY NEW CAR. Mom was great. Car is awesome. It was really hard dropping her off at the airport this morning. It sucks that they make it so hard to see somebody off now. I couldn’t leave my car and go in with her or anything. I felt like a bum just getting out and hugging her and then driving away. I cried on my way back and there’s a good chance I will at times today too. Damn pregnancy hormones. I’ll see her in just over three weeks though, along with the rest of my family. I need things like that to look forward to to get me through this time.

We had a wonderful time with her here despite the awful weather. This is the worst most people around here can remember it being and we don’t have air conditioning. Yuk. When she got here on Friday I was able to rush home and meet her. I opened the door and Yoko greeted us happily. Mom was gently petting Yoko when, seemingly out of nowhere, Yoko snarled and bit her hand! She’s never done anything like that before! I was shocked and mortified. She didn’t break skin but she raised welts where her teeth scraped against Mom’s fingers. I yelled at her and tapped her on her nose (which is a HUGE punishment for her!) and she cowered and tried to “apologize”. Mom, who isn’t a huge dog fancier to begin with, obviously didn’t have the best first impression. Luckily, there were no other incidents the rest of the time and Yoko actually looked for her to come in the door after me when I came home from the airport this morning. I think they’ll be friends but now I worry about Yoko coming on vacation with us where there will be lots of new people including my three year old nephew who is already horribly afraid of dogs. *sigh* I guess we’ll see… She’s never acted like that around new people before.

On Saturday we all went to buy a new mattress for Mom. She’s going to be living with us for about three weeks after Cole is born so we thought we would just get a comfortable mattress now so she could get more use out of it. We went to Ikea and found one that was in our price range and, though not a hugely nice mattress, would do for the limited amount of use it will get. We realized though, after deciding on it, that there was going to be no way to fit it into the car (even though we had my new CR-V- it’s not THAT big). So, we decided to put it on the roof. John and Mom had to do the lashing on since I’m little help with this belly getting in the way. Though they did a great job, they sort of neglected to tie down the front. We also realized that, since we had to tie everything through the windows, I would have to sit inside and tie all the lines except the ones coming through the back and then they would have to climb in the back to get to their seats. Sooo… we’re going along the highway slowly and we hit 40. Whoomp. We hear the mattress front lift off the roof and I feel the car handling change. The mattress stayed on but it was bending back at the first tie down. We pulled over and were going to get out and try my suggestion of tying the front to the grille or somewhere up front, when I realized that, to be able to get out, we would have to cut some strings. We were entirely tied into the car. We decided it was just too much trouble and continued along never going above 40 mph. I’m sure that there were other motorists who were irritated, but I hope that most were able to just get a laugh out of the sight. We were all laughing. We got it home safely with very little evidence that it had sustained such trauma.

Mom and I spent the day together on Sunday and just drove and walked around town and talked. It was wonderful. I have a great time with my family whenever I get to see them. We’re not the kind of family with huge amounts of drama. Any drama usually comes from outside. We tend to all get along together now that my sister and I are older. We did a tiny bit of baby shopping and I think I found the crib I will get. I guess I’ll have to get it soon-ish. Weird to think about that. First, though, I have to clean my room… It’s getting harder and harder to bend over to pick clothes off the floor so I’ve been particularly neglectful. I’ve gotta get my act together before I get any bigger.

It’s been great driving my new car. I hadn’t realized just how horrible my old car was until I started getting used to my new one- and I got used to it fast! It even has a 6 CD changer!! That’ll be nice for our road trip this summer. Now if only it played MP3s… I guess I can’t have everything. It’s really just fantastic to be able to climb in without hitting my head and to be able to put groceries in the back seat or the very back without bending over and tweaking my back. I know its height will be a huge bonus when trying to lift a kid in and out of a carseat. And to have all the parts working- marvellous! And nothing’s hanging off! And it starts! And the tires are like new! and the windshield wipers sweep rain off! And both headlights work! And it corners without making you feel like the car is trying to ride on the two outside wheels! WOW! It’s great. And it’s pretty.

The new Harry Potter book came out and I had it pre-ordered just out of convenience but now I’m pissed because it’s not here yet. We should have had it on Friday. Stupid mail. I’m not fiendish about Harry Potter, but I do like the books very much and have read them several times and was looking forward to this realease. I say I’m not fiendish because I wouldn’t go to a Harry Potter midnight book release party and I don’t own any other Harry Potter merchandise aside from the books. BUT I will read the book like the pages are on fire and I may read it twice in a row. I love fantasy settings that I can escape into and I think the JK Rowling has developed this one really well. Yeah, they’re technically kid’s books, but they’re better writing than I’ve found in some “adult” books lately.

We have a slow week coming up. We may go to dinner on a boat on the river on Friday which will at least be interesting and free. Everything feel sort of anti-climactic after waiting so long for Mom and the car to get here. I just have to keep repeating: only 3 weeks until vacation, only 3 weeks until vacation. After that we’ll only have 10 weeks until the due date! That feels at the same time like forever and like a second. We’ll be there before we know it!

I guess that means I should get crackin’ on my room…

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  • By nrp, July 18, 2005 @ 1:46 pm

    I’m jealous ’bout the new car. My Outback has been sitting in our yard, not running, since January. No funds to get it fixed, too much left on the loan to pay it off. Big ol’ bummer.

    Happy for ya anyway!

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