Jun 27 2005

I think everyone should know- I have a truly marvelous husband. Not only does he put up with my shit DAILY, but he, very willingly I might add, gave me a fantastic massage last night. With fancy massage oil and everything. He even agreed to watch the pregnancy massage portion of my yoga dvd before he started so that he would know the areas he shouldn’t touch. He’s so thoughtful. Yes, I did give him a shoulder/back massage quickly first, but it was very quick and I got a foot, leg and back massage in return- a good investment, I’d say. Also a very relaxing way to end a nice weekend. He basically put me to sleep. I just had to scooch over to my side of the bed with my boyfriend/body pillow and go to sleep. Ahhh…

Cole has been keeping us enthralled by his alien-like punches and kicks to the belly. It’s so fun to think about how big he must be getting by now. This week he’s probably about 12 inches long from head to heel and he probably weighs about a pound. I’m sure it must be getting a little cramped in there. You’d think that babies would be happy to come out after so long being stuck in one position, but most of them seem to be pretty unhappy about the change and you have to swaddle them to try to recreate the environment. Weird little creatures.

We only have a couple more weeks to wait for the car! It seems like I’ve been waiting for this car forever some days and other days that the time has just screamed by. What happened to June, anyway? Before this week is over it’ll be July! I’m not complaining, in fact, I ‘m happy to have the time pass so painlessly, I’m just wondering how I spent it. I must have been in a work induced coma for a couple weeks. Soon it will be August and I’ll get to leave this place for a week and then it will be October and we’ll have our baby boy! I’m not going to acknowledge September this year. I think it was just put there to annoy me.

I’ve been giving some thought to what I will do (besides reaching up and yanking this kid out by myself) if I’m still pregnant for Halloween. I’ve had the same suggestion from several people so far about what I should dress up as. Funnily enough, most of the people doing the suggesting have been Catholic. They’ve all said I should be a pregnant nun. I’m not so sure. I guess I should also think about what to dress Cole as if he has come out by that time (like a good boy). Maybe a caterpillar or a pea-pod. Any suggestions? Even if we don’t go anywhere we’ll have to dress up just for pictures. Jeez, maybe he’ll be born ON Halloween and I won’t have to do anything! That would suck. That would mean that every Halloween, instead of getting a babysitter and going out, I’ll have to stay home for my kid’s damn birthday. Let him have any other day! (I’m really just joking-Halloween’s WAY more fun when you do trick-or-treating with kids. They do all the work for the candy and then you take it away and eat it all yourself because it’s not good for their teeth. Really, I’m not mean and selfish, I’m just health conscious.) But really, I’d love to hear the costume suggestions that everybody comes up with.

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  • By Anonymous, July 1, 2005 @ 10:00 pm

    One year a family I know dressed up as a hot dog w/ condiments. The mom was the dog, dad was a bun and kids were condiments. It was really cute.


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